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Answer all the questions with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, the option ‘No’ denotes that you have not done that activity in question, gaining you a point, and with every ‘Yes’ meaning that you have already experienced that activity in past, therefore lowering your Purity Score.

Answer the Quesions Below and click on the Calucate Rice Purity Score to know what is right.

Romantic Relationships

Drug and Alcohol Use

Encounters with the Law

Deceit and Dishonesty

Risky Behaviors

Sexual Experiences

Classic Sexual Experiences

Basic Sexual Experiences

Intriguing Sexual Experiences

Online Interactions

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Understanding the Rice Purity Test

What Does it Reveal About You

We’ve all heard about the trends of the 1900s coming back in fashion, but a test created over 50 years ago resurging on TikTok, now that’s unheard of. 

The Gen Z audience of today, particularly the ones going to or starting college, is crowding on social media to share the results of their Rice Purity Test that seemingly reveals how “experienced” or “innocent” someone is according to their answers. 

Considering the roots of this test, the questions and scenarios may not be up-to-date, but if you want a general idea of where you stand on the purity scale compared to your peers, let’s understand the Rice Purity Test in more detail below. 

Rice Purity Test & Its Usage

There are many ways to use the Rice Purity Test, you can take this test for many different reasons. Here, we have listed some of the reasons and ways you can use the Rice Purity Test to your Advantage.

Social Bonding

You can use the Rice Purity Test and Take it between your Friends or new people to bond as you might get to know about each other, and it might strike a string that makes you feel comfortable with some and uncomfortable with others.


This is one of the reasons that most people use the Rice Purity Test for, Rice Purity Test is used as an entertaining game, as it has various questions that are based on real life experiences and might give us the source to tickle our funny bone.


This is another reason you might want to take the Rice Purity Test, There are questions that take your down the Memory lane and remind you of the experiences that you have had in your life, and help you revisit those memories with the questions.


You can take the Rice Purity Test, as a parent, medical professional or as a teacher to know more about someone whom you are trying to counsel, you can know a lot about them by the scores and the answers that they give, This will help with the orientation of your child, patient, or your student.

Informational Purposes

The Rice Purity Test is also another way to gather research with informational census, there are many ways to use that statistical report for Research and gather data for your company, or even states as a governmental organization. The data gathered can be used for various purposes.

Personal Reflection

Rice Purity Test can also be used as a source to self reflect your life and the experiences that you have had in your life. This can greatly help you with reflecting upon how you have spent your life and how you want to spend you life further, Depending on the results and the score that you get.

What Does Your Rice Purity Test Score Reveal About You?

Whether you took the test because you got caught up in peer pressure or just wanted to compare your score with someone else’s, you probably have your result with you right now. But what does it reveal about you? 

Lack of Regard (0-9)

A low score reveals that you’ve experienced a majority of the scenarios in the test. This could indicate that you’re a rebellious or adventurous individual with little to no fear of rules. 

Significantly Diminished (9-45)

If you are in this Category, this means that your Purity Score is diminished and you have experienced a lot in life that varies in different topics of life. This means that the score is critical of the moral values that our society has.

Somewhat Compromised (45-77)

At this point you have experienced at least the half of what the lowest score says about you. This is something gives us the idea that you have given your life enough liberty and experienced enough things to be adventurous enough.

Moderately Pure (77-94)

Now, that your Score is between 77-94, you are pure enough to not bother most of the societal values, this is something that gives you the upper hand over other score categories, meaning you have had a balanced life.

Notably Pure (94-98)

This means that you have not experienced much of the activities mentions in the above questionnaire and you are significantly pure, make you suitable for almost any society and a perfect candidate for everything that is not demoralized.

Exceptionally Pure (98-100)

You have made it, You are the purest of them all, you have not done anything to offend or anything that goes against the social norms or bonds. This means that you have had a pure, simple, and easy life, and you do not want to get into trouble anymore.

A Look into Score Distribution

As suggested above, the Rice Purity test comprises 100 questions. These questions are divided into themes, such as romance, relationships, sexual experiences, history with drugs or alcohol, and police encounters. 

Each theme extends over a set amount of questions and has its own score bracket, as shown below:

20 minor experiences for 1 point each.

30 immoral experiences for 2 points each. 

20 raunchy experiences for 3 points each.

20 scandalous experiences for 4 points each.

10 unspeakable experiences for 5 points each. 

How Accurate is the Test?

If you think that the Rice Purity Test is an accurate representation of living a fulfilled life, you’re wrong. It’s just an accumulation of wild choices and tests how many of those questions you answer yes to. 

There is no way to check the authenticity of anyone’s test, which means that anyone can answer it falsely without being caught. 

At the end of the day, don’t abandon your values and life decisions only to fit in with the crowd. Remember, what may be considered as “cool” decisions today may become your regrets of tomorrow. Do what makes you feel comfortable and empowered. 

How to take the Rice Purity Test?

Time needed: 10 minutes

If you do not know how to take the Rice Purity Test, and you are confused about it, you can simply follow the step-by-step guide on how to take your Rice Purity Test:

  1. Open your fav Browser

    On any device, open your favourite browser that you use to surf the internet. e.g.. chrome,

  2. Enter URL and Hit Enter

    Now in the URL bar type https://rice-purity-test.com and hit enter, you can also use google search.

  3. Click 'Next' on the main page

    Now on the main page, click next to begin the test.

  4. Answer the Questions

    You will now get questions in categoriesed sections. You can now answer the questions by reading the carefully and answering with a 'Yes' or 'No'. It is important to answer the questions sincerely.

  5. Click 'Calculate Score'

    Now that you have answered all the questions, you can now click on the 'Calculate Score' button in 'Sky Blue' color.

  6. Know your Score and What it Means

    You will now get your Score in percentage, you do not need to search for what the score means, you can simply see what your score means in real-time without having to do anything.

Rice Purity Test Score Statistical Report

There are many statistics that have been covered by various Rice Purity Test or independent organizations, We have also surveyed the Rice Purity Test and here is the statistical report that we have found:

Score RangeNumber of RespondentsPercentage of Total

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that our users have frequently asked:

Is it secure?

Yes, Our website is secure with https meaning that the connection between your network/device and our website is secure.

Can anyone See my score?

Since you do not need to type in your email, name or any personal detail, we do not collect or share your score with anyone.

Can i Share my score?

Yes, you can share your score with whoever you want to share your score with, it is fairly simple as you can simply click on the share score button to share the score on any of your social media.

Can I take Rice Purity Test on someone's behalf?

If you know the right answers to the questions and the other persons consent, then yes you can.

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